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304 Stainless Steel Bridge Plates

Want to enhance your tele tone, I had these 304 Stainless Steel bridge plates made to my specifications. Sides are cut down for easy palm muting. Raw Stainless Steel with vintage specs for 4 screw placement. This is a high quality bridge plate, Compare others at over $100.00


➤ Stainless Steel is non magnetic.
➤ Does not rob your pickup of its magnetic field.
➤ More direct power from your pickup.
➤ Improves note definition and clarity.
➤ Plus they look great.

$59 buy it now

304 Stainless Steel Bridge
304 Stainless Steel Bridge
304 Stainless Steel Bridge

"I honestly couldn't be happier with it. I've owned 5 other electric guitars including CS models and Bob's smokes them all! And for a fraction of the cost! Not even mentioning the number of options including body wood, neck/fretboard wood, inlays, pickups, colors, tuners, straplocks etc. etc. Oh yeah, he's one hell of a nice guy to boot! Can't recommend his geetars enough!"

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