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Below are custom crafted electric guitars that have been built and sold by Logan Custom Guitars. If you like any of these electric or bass guitars, they can be replicated if interested.

Andres andre_saele_cabronitae_001 andre_saele_cabronitae_008 Babinga precision chambered body bass 003 Black Paisley with pickup mods black_paisley_with_pickup_mods_006 Butterscotch Blonde 52 - 003 Butterscotch Blonde 52 Tele 001 Butterscotch Blonde 52 Tele 002 Butterscotch Blonde 52 Tele 003 Butterscotch Blonde 52 Chambered Spanish Cedar Top - 001 Chambered Spanish Cedar Top - 002 chambered_spanish_cedar_top_tele_001 chambered_spanish_cedar_top_tele_008 Custom Blue Jean Tele 001 Custom Blue Jean Tele 003 Custom Natural Ash - 001 Custom Top Bound Natural Ash - 002 Custom Top Bound Natural Ash - 003 Custom White Blonde - 001 custom_natural_ash_strat_008 custom_top_bound_natural_ash_cabronitae_001 custom_top_bound_natural_ash_cabronitae_002 custom_top_bound_natural_ash_cabronitae_008 custom_white_blonde_thin_line_001 custom_white_blonde_thin_line_004 custom_white_blonde_thin_line_008 Desert Burst  Snake Skin - 001 Desert Burst  Snake Skin - 002 desert_burst,__snake_skin_tele_008 Drews Desert Burst Tele 001 dsc_0047 dsc_00451 dsc_00491 George Harrison - 001 George Harrison - 002 George Harrison Thinline S-N- 14651 001 George Harrison Thinline S-N- 14651 008 Natural Ash natural_ash_tele_54_duncans_001 natural_ash_tele_54_duncans_008 Ocean Turquoise Standard - 001 Ocean Turquoise Standard - 002 ocean_turquoise_standard_tele_001 ocean_turquoise_standard_tele_008 p_0001 p_0002 p_0003 p_0004 p_0005 p_0006 p_0007 p_0008 p_0010 p_0011 p_0013 p_0014 p_0015 p_0016 p_0017 p_0018 p_0019 p_0020 p_0021 p_0022 p_0023 p_0024 p_0025 p_0026 p_0027 p_0028 p_0029 p_0030 p_0031 p_0032 p_0033 p_0034 p_0035 p_0036 p_0037 p_0038 p_0039 p_0040 p_0041 p_0042 p_0043 p_0044 p_0045 p_0046 p_0047 p_0048 p_0049 p_0050 p_0051 p_0052 p_0053 p_0054 p_0055 p_0056 p_0058 p_0059 p_0060 p_0061 p_0062 p_0063 p_0064 p1010036_4_ p1010038_4_ p1010040_3_ p1080526 p1080528 p1080546 Padauk Top P-90s padauk_top_thinline,_p90s_001 padauk_top_thinline,_p90s_004 padauk_top_thinline,_p90s_008 Red - 001 Red - 002 red_coral_logan Special Addition Short Scale - 001 Special Addition Short Scale - 002 Special addition short scale tele 004 Special addition short scale tele 007 Vintage Blonde - 001 Vintage Blonde - 002 vintage_blonde_hardtail_strat_001 vintage_blonde_strat_001 vintage_blonde_strat_002 vintage_blonde_strat_004 White Blonde Tele 001 White Blonde Tele 002 zebra wood thinline 001 lightbox gallery jsby v6.1

"The quality, playability, and sound are all there! You can sorta feel the quality as soon as you pick one up. Mine's a beast and comes in somewhere around 9-9.5 lbs but I absolutely love the tone that comes out of this thing. I dropped in some Curtis Novak pickups and it's the best sounding/playing guitar I've ever laid hands on! Definitely give them a shot if you're looking for a new T."

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