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"I hesitate to write this review because I selfishly want to keep the secret of Logan guitars quiet. But, secret's out and I want to make sure Bob gets the immense props he deserves. I'll keep it short and sweet, but factor this in to what I'm about to say: I've played, recorded, bought and sold guitars for well over 40 years and have played a zillion Teles. When you do the math on the woods, parts, craft, and overall fit & finish, I DEFY you to find a superior instrument for 1k!! Outstanding!!"

Doug Hudson

"I was a bit hesitant ordering a guitar on-line, sight unseen; however, I pulled the trigger and when I received my T-style Thinline, I was completely blown away. The instrument is a high quality, well-crafted guitar that can be used to play a variety of styles of music. Blows away most everything on the market, even those guitars which cost considerably more. Most important, the guitar feels like an old friend, “broken in” and ready to play. I am so impressed by the workmanship and sound that I just placed an order for a second guitar from Bob!!"

Mike Sanders, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I recently purchased a barely used lefty f-hole tele. The fat neck description drew me to it. (I’m 6’6” and like full-in-the-hand). Didn’t know about Logan’s until it arrived. This is simply a fantastic guitar in every way!! I replaced the tone pot with a push pull reverse taper to tap the dimarzio paf. Smooth as butter sounds and feels amazing. Thanks for such a great lifetime tele."

Mike Carey

"Wanted to let you know I love the guitar. I have been buying, selling and trading guitars for 30 years. Yours may be my favorite of all time!"

Jonathan Matt

"I just wanted to let you know that my band played Summerfest a few weeks ago, and I used the T-style you recently made for me. (The one with the raised center section, and Firebird mini humbuckers.) Of course it sounded and played great!

This past Friday night we played at Mamie's (blues bar on National Avenue). I used the T-style thinline you built for me (the one in a pastel blue/green with the gold foil pickups). Again, it sounded and played beautifully.

So I just wanted you to know that my Logan guitars are being used and loved."

Best regards, John DeStefanis

"Bob built me the most beautiful Telecaster ...Swamp Ash body with a gorgeous figured Maple top from 200 year old Maple submerged in Lake Superior...Black binding on the top...Maple neck with Satin Nitro, Vintage locking tuners...Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and a Duncan Hot Tele in the bridge...3 way simple switch.....The most beautiful tone possible...A true craftsman. Thanks Bob!"

Edward Howell

"Hey Bob! I wanted to tell you about the tele you built for me. First off, it is beautiful! I've received numerous comments on it! The chambered body makes it super comfortable to play for extend sets. I have played it several times during worship services outdoors and it always keeps it's tune. Lastly, the sound and tone is amazing! I play it through a Fender Blues Jr with an Eminence Red White and Blues speaker and I love the ultra clean neck to the gritty bridge with the Twang Kings. Thanks so much for building this guitar for me. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Heath Williams

" I recently discovered you as a builder by accident in a small shop in Nashville. I just wanted to express how taken I am with your build. I am the lucky owner of what I consider to be the most comfortable T-type guitar that I have ever encountered in my 23 years as a musician. Thank you for all that you do."

Angel A. Perezdealejo

"I recently purchased one of your guitars on Reverb (a pink, reliced tele with humbuckers, used) and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. What a fine instrument. Thank you for the care and expertise you clearly put in to your craft. I'll be proud to tell people I play a Logan and look forward to playing it out to crowds when the world gets back to normal."

Mike Frank

"I just wanted to say that I have had one of your T style guitars (BSB, Birdseye neck, Keystone pickups) for nearly ten years now, and it’s still my #1. I have never picked up a guitar that I like better, even when I’m in music stores pretending I have money. (OK, I confess that it’s in a tie with my ‘65 Danelectro, but that one has sentimental attachment on its side.) The only things I have done are to have the fret ends dressed down (after a year of dry Manitoba winter) and switched to a Bakelite pickguard. It has always fit me like my favourite pair of shoes, and there was some heated discussion among my friends about where it would end up should anything tragic happen to me. Thank you for a brilliant guitar, and I look forward to many more years with it!"


"Also just wanted to pass along a quick story about the Telecaster you built me. A friend of mine recently brought over his custom built Tele from a different independent builder who I’d considered using previously (I won’t name names but the brand rhymes with “Cash”). His guitar had Lollar tele pickups in it, and we were both in agreement that the guitar you built sounded (and played) worlds better than the other. If you recall I wanted Lollar’s in my build initially, but man am I glad you talked me into going with Fralin’s instead because they sound incredible and were exactly what I was looking for. "

Thanks Drew

"Dear Bob, I am François, the Frenchman who bought recently your Tele Ocean Green. Thanks a lot for the quick shipping. I received the guitar last Monday. The setup is really perfect and the guitar is awesome. Great sound and very nice finish (my wife loves it !). Exactly what I was looking for. I played with it yesterday in rehearsal with my band ( and it was perfect. This guitar has an attitude the mass produced guitars do not have."

Congratulations for such a nice work, François

"OK, I just got it and.... wow! The pictures, as amazing as they were, do not do it justice. It's a thing of beauty. I can't stop looking at it. A work of art to be sure. I am beyond impressed. Plugged in straight away and was beyond thrilled. This is my guitar for good. I will part with it when I depart the planet, and not a minute before..."

"I could go on gushing, but I'll just simply say, thank you for everything...Worth every penny! Continued success, sir!"

Rubicon Creations LLC

"Just wanted to let you know that I picked up a previously owned white, blackguard Logan esquire with (I am told) a Klein pickup. I am by no means a great guitarist, but I have handled a lot of guitars in my 66 years. Yours is one of, if not the best I have ever played in terms of tone, playability, quality construction and looks. Should I ever decide to acquire another guitar, it will be a Logan. Keep up the good work."

Mike Mangan

"Hi Bob, I just wanted to thank you so much for making my T its awesome feel so good to play and it sounds amazing am recommending you to everybody I meet in Australia and looking forward to more guitars from you in the near future. Thanks for workmanship and ease to work with it was very new for me going into this process especially because I couldn't touch it or physically see it."

You made this easy! Keep Rocking, Joe

"Still my number 1, Bob. Just about to take it out for a 40-date tour of Europe. Best bass I ever owned."

Hope you're well, C

Best Bass Guitar Ever

"First off, let me start by wishing you and yours a very happy new year. I'd just like to write a small testimonial for you stating how amazing your guitar builds are. (based off this tele alone)"

"The finish is of course, superb. The clear coat lacquer is slightly thin, but that's just how I like it! I'm a blues rock player influenced by lots of Clapton, Hendrix etc and I love a guitar that would relic over time. This finish just does it for me. The birds eye maple coupled with the gold hardware makes it even more stunning. Since this arrived around the end year season, I've had people asking me if the fiesta red was meant to suit the Christmas cheer! :)"

"The tone of this baby is just sweet: not over shrill in the bridge, having a sense of warmth retaining that good ol' tele twang and a little mids heavier but with evident clarity when switched to the neck pickup."

"I've gone DI with this guitar for recording purposes, played live with it through a couple of Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amps, cranked it through a Orange Rockerverb 50 at home and even had the luxury of playing through a Tophat custom amplifier multiple times and this guy never fails to make me reach tonal nirvana each round."

"I've been recommending your guitars to serious musicians around! Thanks for such a beautiful piece of art! Keep up the great builds."

Warmest Regards, Gregory Tan

"Just wanted to let you know that I got my new Strat today and I just finished giving it a good workout. I would like to tell you that this guitar has totally exceeded my expectations, both in looks and playability!! I was really surprised at how great this guitar plays and sounds and I own 8 other strats so I have quite a good base for comparing strats. I will get some pics and review up on the Logan Custom Guitar Site as soon as possible. I would just like to give you a special "Thanks" for building this great guitar for me. I really feel blessed to be able to own such a fine example of true "American Craftsmanship." I now have an even greater respect for all that you have and are contributing to the guitar industry and I hope you will be building great guitars for many years to come. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring instrument!!"

Respectfully, Curt Conroy - Nashville, TN

"Just wanted to thank you for the guitar. It is truly a work of art and far more amazing than I could have imagined! The pictures do not do it justice! The swamp ash body is absolutely beautiful; the unique grain pattern tells you that this instrument has a personality.The neck feels terrific, and up close reveals that it is no plain-Jane piece of maple."

"The guitar is beautifully balanced and the setup is tremendous! When you said that you knew how it was supposed to feel, you spoke the truth. As for the sound, you were absolutely right - "The Fralin's rock!"

You are a gifted and generous man and I thank you for sharing your talents! - Dan

"I received the guitar yesterday and went directly to my studio to test with my Fender Hot Rod: .....and Bob, this is for me a dream of a guitar. It fitted me perfectly and the sound of it is great. I am really satisfied with this guitar, I just wanted to tell you that, and thank you for the service level you show."

Logan Guitars have now a New Ambassador in Norway :-) Best Regards, Øivind

"I just wanted to write you a quick email and tell you how much I love the new guitar you built for me. It was beyond my expectations in every way imaginable. Spent a good portion of the weekend playing it through my old tweed champ and it sounded so good that I thought that I had gone back in time 50 years when I heard the tone. What an amazing instrument this turned out to be! Thank you for taking your time to do it the right way. I will spread the word and direct people to you whenever possible, the Logan guitars are just too good to keep a secret."

Regards, Ben

"BL, I just wanted to drop you a note. I have fallen in love with my “Zebra T”. Not only is it eye candy but I love the tone and setup and everything else about it. I am in school (at 55 years old) and I won’t finish the semester till 5/5, but after that I am going to post pics and a praising report on TDPRI forum about my “Zebra”. I see you have quite a following on the forum. This is the 4th or 5th electric I have tried to attach to over the last 15 years and I have sold all of them after a week or two and gone back to my acoustics. This one has put an electric spell on me. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks."


"Hello Bob, i have been stupidly busy and realize i have neglected to send a note about the bender. I had it set up just a bit more to my taste and I absolutely love it, sounds great (i had doubts about these pups) and plays like butter, what more could a fella want? You are doing really nice work at very reasonable price. I just tried a fender nashville with the parsons/green for the first time and am so very glad i did not buy one of those on ebay, yours is superior in every way by a wide margin, thanks, a pleasure doing business with you."

Cheers, Keith

"Bob builds one bad machine. Responsive, fast smooth action, and any pickups you want. Excellent tone, stays in tune and finishes are great. Picked mine up at Bob's place over a year ago and have no complaints just praise for a truly quality instrument. A lot of bang for the buck. Nothing at the local Noise Center in it's price range is close to this thing, the Logan wins hands down. Bob knows what he's doing and he's a really nice guy to boot. 3 of my friends have bought Logan Customs: Rockin after playing mine and none are disappointed in the least."

"Well put! I picked mine up at Bob's as well. I honestly couldn't be happier with it. I've owned 5 other T's including CS models and Bob's smokes them all! And for a fraction of the cost! Not even mentioning the number of options including body wood, neck/fretboard wood, inlays, pickups, colors, tuners, straplocks etc. etc. Oh yeah, he's one hell of a nice guy to boot! Can't recommend his geetars enough!"

"Hey Bob, how’s it going? You built me a custom Strat-style guitar last year and I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how awesome it was. This is by far my favorite guitar, and that’s competing against a Gibson Les Paul Custom among others. I know you specialize in T-style guitars for blues/country/etc. players, but I wanted to let you know this guitar blazes hard rock on the weekends like nothing else. I’ve played around 40 gigs with it so far and I still get excited to hook it up at the beginning of a set. Thanks for building me the perfect guitar. Next time I’ve got a bunch of extra money I’ll be looking for another one! Thanks again!"

Ben C.

"I can also vouch for Logan guitars. The quality, playability, and sound are all there! You can sorta feel the quality as soon as you pick one up. Mine's a beast and comes in somewhere around 9-9.5 lbs but I absolutely love the tone that comes out of this thing. I dropped in some Curtis Novak pickups and it's the best sounding/playing guitar I've ever laid hands on! Definitely give them a shot if you're looking for a new T."

"I bought a Logan T (pine over cedar) and I love it!!!!! I agree that he is exceptional and my guitar is just beautiful and sounds better."

"My Logan T arrived today and what a nice guitar this is. nothing Cheesy about it; the build quality, the fret work, the finish, the setup and the birdseye maple neck is all high quality. and it sounds even better than it looks. I ran it through an entire array of amps, from Morgan to Blankenship to Vox to BadCat to Marshall and it sounds great. Great sustain. This guitar just sings. And for the price, you can't beat this."

"I've already ordered another one this evening: The George Harrison copy. I can't imagine how nice that is going to be."

"I've had my '52 style for a few months now and it hangs well with all my other guitars, most of which were much more expensive than the Logan. I see he has added some finish options recently (gloss nitro and poly). This will really expand his popularity I think."

"I completely agree. I have an American Deluxe T, a 50's roadworn T, and a G and L Will Ray T, all over or around a grand, and this guitar is much better. it sounds better too."

"How does Bob do it on the price point. the set up is really good too."

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